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Jul 20

taking a tumblr break

anxiety related. Ill pop in and check on messages every now and then but please dont be offended if I dont respond for a while.

Fort Lewis-McChord Airsoft Group -

This won’t come as a shock to people that have been to this OP before but At the end of August Praetorian Guard will be Putting on this weekend long OP. So if you haven’t ever been head over to the site and get signed up.

No, my page didnt get hijacked. My husband is part of an airsoft group and their upcoming event could use more people. I have been out there a few times to that location and its really amazing. You wont regret it. Theyre a fun group of people and the terrain is awesome and its just a great event. If you are into airsoft are in WA please check it out and consider registering!

Jul 19


An Evening of Clairvoyance - Stephen Mackey


An Evening of Clairvoyance - Stephen Mackey

(Source: art-and-fury, via mademoiselleparapluie)


An Evening of Clairvoyance - Stephen Mackey


An Evening of Clairvoyance - Stephen Mackey

(Source: art-and-fury, via mademoiselleparapluie)

Jul 18

there is something wrong with the people here (oh yeah, theyre all military) I finally met our neighbors wife and talked with her the other day. Shes really sweet and chill and smart. We talked and hung out for over an hour outside while i watched her husband hang out with our new neighbor who moved in below them (shes like a 70 yo recovering meth addict) and our neighbors husband is like..24 and a recovered heroin addict. Well he started acting really weird and then went up stairs to go get high on spice.. which is just awful stuff. (idgi recreational pot is legal here, do that) Eventually he got weird enough that I got uncomfortable and went back inside. 

Then ff to yesterday and Im watching him get arrested by two military dudes with the help of police. I thought he had gone awol cause hes never in uniform and never shows up. But I bumped into his wife who asked me if i saw what happened and she explained that the previous night he beat on her pretty bad and when she got back home in the morning a bunch of stuff, including their 3yo daughters stuff, had been lit on fire and destroyed. And I guess that night he kept asking where his gun was but she had hidden it and it pissed him off. Luckily shes smart so she removed it from the house and gave it to is CO or something. 

And then we just found out hes in the same group (squad, platoon,we theyre called) as the guy who tried to murder another resident here i was friends with while all their army buddies watched, leaving jon and i the only people to intervene. Yeah, the one who got attempted murder but got off completely free.

yeah that one.

im a little paranoid now cause hes going to get out and hes crazy and im worried about the safety of both my family and his. 

*sigh* getting internet back on tomorrow hopefully. I’m excited but sort of dreading seeing my inbox because I just know it’s going to be filled with a bunch of hate mail I’m going to have to delete :T

Jul 14

Still no internet. Won’t be on till friday

places to buy historical reproductions? (clothes)



like stuff pre-20s that is less than $1000 for a garment. Specifically looking for dresses and head accessories 

What era?  ”pre-20s” is a several thousand year span, there… ;)

Lol this is true. I’m into anything between about 1700-1900 ish I know that’s a lot of styles. My favorite probably being 1760-1780s

Jul 11


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